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Natural Materials


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The pillow so good you’ll dream about it.

What We're Made Of

We take pride in sourcing the best materials for a pillow that's better than any other naturally. Everything we make is handmade, chemical-free, sustainable, and designed to last.

Certified Organic Hemp Hulls

Hemp hulls are the smooth, durable outer shells that grow around hemp seeds. These hulls create the perfect malleable filling that offers exceptional support and comfort for your head, neck and shoulders.

Organic Cotton

Natural and organic 100% cotton knit layers protect our hemp hull filling from wear and tear, minimizing noise, and adding layer of comfort.

Recycled Eco-Zippers

The Solera Hemp Hull Pillows use Eco Zippers that are made with recycled polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET. A type of polyester, PET is frequently used to make clothing fabric and single-use packaging like water bottles, food containers, and more.

Sustainable Farming Techniques

Grown and processed without any chemicals or fumigants, our hemp hulls are 100% natural and organic, with a subtle, earthy scent that will lull you to sleep. Before they make it to your pillow, our hulls are subject to a round of Gentle Processing™ which ensures the hulls to be free of pests and pathogen-free. This process also reduces excess moisture which the hulls last longer. With proper care, hemp hulls are extremely durable, giving you years of comfort before they need replacing.

Adjustable Support

Loose hemp hulls conform to your body for personalized comfort. Add more hulls for firmer support (great for side sleepers!), or take some out for a pillow you can sink into. Hemp hulls are hollow and heat-resistant. Their small size allows for better air-flow, keeping you cooler during hot summer days than other synthetic fillings.